Will This Ever Stop? Women’s Football Suffer Another Attack in…

Women’s Football is growing faster and it’s getting louder for everyone as the years’ pass, but unfortunately, there are still others who still don’t see women’s football as meritable and official sport in many countries. 

2247662_w1That’s exactly what happened a few hours in Colombia.

The president of Deportes Tolima Colombia, the leaders of the Men’s Colombian League, Gabriel Camargo, has made some shameful statements about women’s football. This man assures that the feminine sections are not “profitable for football” and that the only thing they are is “a breeding ground of the lesbianism”. In his lamentable words, he also affirms that “women drink more alcohol than men in this sport”.

5c1be9cb34ab0Fortunately, Colombia, like many others, feels shame at the statements of Gabriel Camargo, president of Deportes Tolima, about women’s football in his country: “Women’s football is not profitable for any team”.

As mentioned earlier, the President of Tolima’s Club said specifically that “the female soccer league is a hotbed of lesbianism” and adds that “women drink more alcohol than men in this sport.”

588f70f494718Clearly, Colombian Women players reacted to this harmful comments. For example,  Yoreli Rincón, the champion with Women’s Atlético Huila, among many others: “President Camargo does not forget where his children come from: A woman, or does he want a soccer player to iron her clothes and wash the club’s dishes?”.

Once again, women’s football is under attack, but nothing to worry if we all fight together to make women’s soccer evolve to the next level. We just need to keep strong and keep doing what we love, without anyone telling us is wrong. They’re the ones wrong; afraid of this amazing change that is happening with football all over the world.

594f1bc627fefAlways together. For a future where men and women can play equally, be treated fairly and everyone can enjoy both their football as its best. 


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