Finally! Women’s Football: 1 Sexism: 0

2018 was clearly the year women’s football grew faster, louder and became “a new hit” in the press and in the social media, making their own space with its male counterpart. But, even with this exponential growth, which seems is going to continue this 2019, there are still others who still don’t see women’s football as meritable and official sport in many countries.


That’s exactly what happened last month in Colombia.

The president of Deportes Tolima Colombia, the leaders of the Men’s Colombian League, Gabriel Camargo, made some shameful statements about women’s football. This man assured that the feminine sections are not “profitable for football” and that the only thing they are is “a breeding ground of the lesbianism”. In his lamentable words, he also affirmed that “women drink more alcohol than men in this sport”.


Fortunately, women have won the battle against it. Justice has been made.

Gabriel Camargo, presented this Wednesday, January 9, 2019, apologies for the statements he gave on December 20, when he said that the Women’s Colombian Football League is a “breeding ground of lesbianism.”



“I declare that it was not my intention to offend women soccer players and even less to undermine their fundamental rights of equality, non-discrimination, dignity, honor and good name, for which they publicly apologized to those who, with my opinions and statements, have felt affected, “said Camargo in his statement.

In a letter issued by Tolima Sports, the leader said that the club “has always respected the labor, personal and fundamental rights” of those players at all moment. “With the above, I retract the generalized statements that may have offended those who are part of the practice of women’s football,” he concluded.

5c2ef1c661608It’s great to see that justice has been made for women’s football in Colombia, with the Presidential Office for Equality of Women asked the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the president of Deportes Tolima “straight away” because they considered that the statements were “clearly in violation of the National Constitution and the Law.”

Now, with Deportes Tolima qualified for the Copa Libertadores in 2019 and, due to the demands of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) and the Colombian Football Division (Dimayor), they must have a women’s team to play the continental tournament as well.


Clearly, a great win for women’s football, who’s still fighting to obtain a place in a great sport called “Football”, where men lead, but that one day, both, men and women, will play equally and acclaimed by the bigger audiences.

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