Racism or Not Racism? FA Investigates “Monkey Noises” at Tottenham Ladies Renée Hector after Sheffield game

Women’s Football is growing exponentially over the years, with 2018 as the best year of all; with women football being as its best and starting to be more equal to its male counterpart. Still, we need to wait and see how this 2019 develops for this sport, which clearly has some problems to deal with it. Especially with…



And that’s because very recently, the FA (Football Association) has started a probe after Tottenham Hotspur Ladies defender Renée Hector claimed she was racially abused during yesterday’s game against Sheffield United (1-2).


After Tottenham win, Hector should have been happy, but she claimed that a Sheffield United player made “monkey noises” at her during the game of the FA Women’s Super League 2. As soon as the match ended, the 23-year-old defender tweeted:

She was right. “Football did the talking”.

Fans and Women’s football supporters, among many other people, showed their support to the player and went completely against the “monkey noises”.

With these allegations on the table, Tottenham has reported the incident to the FA, who have launched a probe to investigate the case.

“The FA can confirm that we are aware of an allegation of discriminatory abuse during The FA Women’s Championship match between Sheffield United Women and Tottenham Hotspur Ladies on Sunday 6 January.

“We take all allegations of discrimination very seriously and will be making inquiries into the matter,” said the FA Spokesperson Twitter account about Renée’s incident.


Tottenham Hotspur Ladies also issued a statement saying that “The club is aware of allegations of racial abuse made by Renée Hector…” and that they had reported the incident to the FA; waiting for a response.

At the moment, only two days have passed. It will take a little bit but let’s hope FA can solve the problem diligently, so further cases of racism like the one to Réene doesn’t happen again, or in the near future.


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