Match Report: Betis vs Atlético, Ludmila & Jennifer Return Atlético to La Liga Iberdrola To The Top (1-2)

We talked about this match a few days ago. Betis vs Atlético in La Liga Iberdrola, in the fight between Atlético and FC Barcelona to be the leaders of the competition.

On Sunday, a very solid and intense version of Atlético de Madrid won a good Betis at the Ciudad Deportiva Luis del Sol, in the match that ended the 14th round of La Liga Iberdrola. A goal by the Brazilian Ludmila da Silva, before the first quarter of an hour, and another by Jennifer Hermoso in the final stretch, were enough for the ‘rojiblancas’ to add three points with which they regain the lead.

15449796083448The team of José Luis Sánchez overcame to the cold, to the fine rain with which the crash started and to the fact of being below in the provisional classification after the triumph of Barcelona in their meeting yesterday to take the victory against the green and white, which with much thrust and without never losing face to the game, did not give facilities and pressed until the last second.

In fact, Betis was the first dangerous arrival of the game, after a vertical drive of the ex-Priscilla Priscilla whose centre cleared Alexandri to his own goal forcing Lola Gallardo to intervene. But Atlético did not take long to take the lead in the score. Meseguer gave a warning with a distant shot from the front.

And in the continuation of the play, in the 9 ‘, Robles deepened to the right, served a good pass to the heart of the area, and the prolongation of Beautiful Jennifer pushed it to Ludmila without opposition to the bottom of the network. It was the sixth of the Brazilian so far this year.

img_jmgfuente_20161015-214729_imagenes_md_otras_fuentes_zo-tnyvjx5_w_547c9458cc15164654dsc_0348jpg-ke3C-U411032791892jAH-980x554@MundoDeportivo-WebFrom then on, Atlético started to feel very comfortable in the field. His intense pressure throughout the field completely blocked María Pry’s players, who took half an hour to find a way to approach the rojiblanca area. They did it through Bea Parra, with a shot from a corner that left high, and above all, with a potent shot by Szymanowski soon boat that Lola Gallardo cleared to corner acrobatic hand changed. It was the last big occasion before the break.

After passing through the locker room, Ludmila was able to make her second goal of the afternoon. He took advantage of a bad delivery of the Betic defence to stand alone against Erina Yamane, whom he tried to overcome by hitting the ball.

But the Japanese goalkeeper guessed his intentions and managed to disrupt a very clear opportunity. Bea Parra tried to equalize the contest with a shot on the 51st that went high. And both Jennifer Hermoso, with a volley that went off, as Meseguer, with a hit from the front that stopped Erina, responded in search of the sentence. But it was not until 77 ‘when the goal that resolved the match came.

ATM-RBBBefore, Menayo had to retire, with tears in his eyes, after suffering a problem in an ankle. And after a phase of inaccuracies, it was again Ludmila who found the space on the right to deepen and serve a centre to the penalty spot that Jennifer Hermoso, completely alone, delicately sent the net.

When the game seemed sentenced, Rocío Galvez took advantage of a side fault to beat Lola Gallardo, in the 91 ‘, and cause nerves in the athletic behind. So much so that Priscilla had the opportunity to tie on the last day, with a shot from inside the area that finally went off.

Atletico-Barcelona-Liga-femenina_804229589_557008_1020x574Betis, who came to the match after losing only three points in the last six days, will remain fifth in the standings, leaving a very good image against the current champions. Atlético, on the other hand, prolongs their streak and add five consecutive victories to return to the top of the table. The ‘rojiblancas’ have lost only one game so far this season, against Barcelona.

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