Match Preview: Atlético de Madrid vs Real Betis F

Atlético is at the top. Real Betis look to be there. Two good teams fighting to get one single objective: The three points.

img_jmgfuente_20161015-214729_imagenes_md_otras_fuentes_zo-tnyvjx5_w_547c9458cc15164654dsc_0348jpg-ke3C-U411032791892jAH-980x554@MundoDeportivo-WebThis Sunday, 16th of December, La Liga Iberdrola will finish with an amazing match between ‘Las Colchoneras’ and ‘Las Beticas’, with FC Barcelona looking for a loss from La Liga Iberdrola’s leaders in Seville, in order to overcome them in the race for the lead.

Both teams come from their respective wins and they’re clearly looking to add a new one to the list: Real Betis won last week to Real Sociedad by a score of 2-1, after dominating by a 2-0 lead most of the match, showing that they’re capable to deal with the toughest teams.

Gol_Meseguer_betis_femina_atleticoOn the other side, Atlético won by 3-1 to Espanyol, after an outstanding performance from the leaders of Liga Iberdrola. The goal from Olga García in the 59′ just showed how good this team is, breaking completely all chances of Espanyol to come back on the match.

Who will win the match? Las Colchoneras? Or Las Beticas? Just wait and see.

Atlético’s Possible XI:

1. Lola
4. Aleixandri
19. Tounkara
2. K. Robles
11. Menayo
7. Ángela Sosa
23. J. Hermoso
21. Falcón
8. Ludmila
14. Dolores
22. Olga García


Real Betis F’s Possible XI:

13. Erina Yamane
3. Van Dongen
21. Paula Perea
11. Nana
20. Rocío Gálvez
18. Szymanowski
10. Virgy
8. Irene
5. Laura González
9. Priscila
12. Bea Parra


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