An Example for Everyone: Spanish Women’s Football accepts its second transgender player

Men’s football should clearly learn from Women’s football. From their hard work, effort, and will of surveillance to get to where they’re now. But also, the fact that women’s football interacts with everyone involved in football and outside, without racism or discrimination. Just pure love for this sport.

And that’s exactly what Women’s football has done again. After signing with Terrasa FC, Valentina Berr has become the second transgender footballer to debut in Spanish women’s football. Berr will follow the path that Alba Palacios opened a few months ago by becoming the first trans player to be federated in Spain.

img-20181213-wa0001Clearly, a moment to remember. With this signing, the footballer becomes the second transsexual to debut in Spanish women’s football. She will debut this Sunday at 12.00 pm against the Pirenaica in the Second Division of Catalonia.

Valentina wanted to show her happiness through a club statement in which she makes sure that all of this “is a difficult step”. A statement in which he wanted to highlight the great reception by the club, the good integration in the locker room and the support received by the fans.

“I have some teammates who take care of me and protect me from the first minute, and a club that is doing everything possible so that I can concentrate on playing, which is what I have come to do.”

Women’s football… A clear example of how football should be; where this kind of thing happens more often. Clearly, a few small steps to begin to normalize the presence of transgender footballers. But something “significant” after all.

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