All together against sexism! Chelsea player denounces death’s threats and abuse.

The very sad news comes from English football. The popular player of Chelsea Women and the English team, Karen Carney, has denounced through her Instagram account the harassment she is suffering from death threats and abuse by an amateur.

Clearly, something no one should go through. The footballer has received hundreds of messages of support from fans, a clear example against this kind of acts. Always stay strong!

Chelsea has denounced these messages and defined them as “horrendous and unacceptable”. Also, Phill Neville, coach of the English women’s team, has said that it is an absolute disgrace that these events continue to occur. Even Chelsea’s Men FC coach Maurizio Sarri has described as “disgusting”, being questioned by the subject at a press conference.


In addition, the English Football Federation (FA) has issued a statement in which it has asked for help to social networks to eradicate this behaviour. “The FA takes these matters very seriously. The insult to players in social networks is a serious concern and we call on the police and social networks to do everything in their power to help eradicate this growing problem.”

A problem that can cause a lot of damage to women’s football sometimes, but…

As long as we stay strong and try to finish with the problem of sexism once for all, women will be able to enjoy this beautiful sport as men do. For an equal football!

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