Uruguay 2018 World Cup Preview: Colombia vs South Korea

Colombia is looking to make the comeback and get themselves in the quarterfinals of this World Cup. South Korea is playing for the honour after two games played. Those are the two ambitions that everyone are going to see today at 17:00 at the Suppici Stadium.


Colombia is the clear favourite to go on top the Korean side and show exactly what they’re made of. After losing against Canada (0-3) in the first match, everything seemed over for the Colombians.

But, the miracle happened. Spain one minute was the necessary time for Colombia to tie the match after Gisela Robledo received a great pass from Lina Jaime to set despite the two rivals’ mark. A miracle that can occur today as well.

Colombia is going for the win, and they’ll be expecting Canada to do the same game they did against them with Spain. If Spain wins today, Colombia’s dreams won’t come true.


On the other side, we have South Korea, who have not have enough luck to get through its opponents. A loss against Spain (0-4) and another one with Canada (0-2) leave them technically out of the quarterfinals of U-17 Uruguay’s World Cup 2018. But they’re going for the win.

No matter what, they still one more game to redeem themselves. So…


We’ll need to wait to see who wins this battle: Colombia or South Korea? Spain or Colombia? Everything can happen.

Here I leave you with the highlights of their previous matches on the World Cup.

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