WTF? Is YouTube Taking Women’s Football Seriously?

It seems like the world of football is expanding more and more, opening its doors to the other side of the sport: Women’s football.

It’s time to put female players like Marta, Lieke Martens, Stephanie Houghton, Toni Duggan in the flashlights just like it has been done many years with their male counterparts. Women’s football is growing considerably and now, even the UEFA is thinking about its potential future.

Other platforms are starting to show the greatness of this sport and how women can do the same or even better than men. But…


Is that what YouTube thinks? Is that what YouTube shows?

Making a little bit of research, I’ve seen that there are obviously good videos talking about female football, from official pages of Women Football or UEFA’s Associations. But what about the rest of the people out there? The fans of football themselves? What do they think?

This is what I mainly found on the search FIRST results (screenshots from YouTube):



Laughs at fails, bloopers and other things. Women showed half-naked celebrating or in sexual postures. Comments of why women’s football sucks and why is not as successful as men…

The fact there are videos like that on the Internet, in order to discredit the achievements of women’s football is already a bad thing, but the loads who have seen it…

Or even like the videos. What is happening? Is actually women’s football growing and changing people’s perspective of sports like football? Or is it just a fake reality where women’s football is going to stay forever?

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