Women’s Football finally takes over UEFA

The day has finally come: UEFA has taken a new step forward on women’s football future.


On Wednesday 15th November, the Professional Football Strategy Council (PFSC), form up by most football clubs, leagues, players and UEFA, finally covered the future of women’s football competitions for the first time.


The discussions reflected the huge increase in the popularity and success of the female side of this sport in Europe and the desire to transform it into a global sport.

There was unanimous support for the draft strategy and a willingness among the members to work and improve women’s game.

Furthermore, according to a statement made public by UEFA, the Strategy Council “unanimously expressed its desire to strengthen the existing positive and open relationship” with that body.


The statement also said: “The unit will help ensure the growth and sustainability of football at all levels and across the continent,” so all parties stressed their commitment to “work together for the development of club competitions under the leadership of UEFA.”

Finally, the conclusions and recommendations of the UEFA Club Competitions Committee for the 2021/24 cycle were discussed, which will be presented to the UEFA executive committee later this year.

To be exact, it’ll be held next December in Dublin. Until then, the future of women football still uncertain. But, it’s clearly in a better position than it was before. We’ll just need to wait and see how it goes.

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