Messi’s wishes became a reality: Argentina finally classifies for 2019’s World Cup in France

Messi was right: They finally made it…

After 12 years of waiting…

Argentina is finally at the World Cup!

The girls have been celebrating in Panama, as yesterday they won the qualification for the World Cup that will be held in France next year.

Argentina equalised the score 1-1 and took advantage of the wide triumph by 4 to 0 obtained a week ago in the court of Arsenal de Sarandí. The national team had been close to the qualification in the Copa America that was played in Chile and the play-off was necessary before the Panamanian team.

Still remain to know the four representatives of the African continent, with the qualifying event to be held in Ghana, from Saturday 17 of the current to December 1.

It’s now a fact: Argentina is at the World Cup, ready to prove the world they have come to stay and who knows what could happen next. Just wait and see.

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