U-17 Women’s World Cup has began!

This Tuesday, 13th November, the U-17 Women’s World Cup has begun in Uruguay.

Three matches had already been played: Brasil-Japan (0-0), New Zealand-Finland (1-0) and Mexico-South Africa (0-0). At the moment, La Celeste is debuting at the competition against Ghana at Estadio Charrúa. Seems like a slow start, but it’ll get better and better as it goes on.


The U-17 team led by coach Ariel Longo arrives very well prepared for the tournament. Their last two friendlies were against Mexico (2-1) and against South Africa (3-0), and the Uruguayan players have shown the world they are a clear contender to win the international tournament.

Karol Bermúdez, Sasha Larrea, Micaela Domínguez and Deyna Morales, and the forward Esperanza Pizarro and Belén Aquino…

Don’t forget those names.


Also, according to the country’s press, Longo will put on a clear 4-2-2-2 and will repeat the team regarding the last friendlies of preparation:

Uruguay U-17 Line-Up

Jennifer Sosa; Sharon López, Daniela Olivera, Sofía Ramondegui, Antonella Ferrandans; Sasha Larrea, Karol Bermúdez, Cecilia Gómez, Micaela Domínguez; Esperanza Pizarro. Bethlehem Aquino.

On the opening day, other games are also played (the previously mentioned at the start).

On Wednesday, Group D will open in Charrúa. The United States against Cameroon at 2pm, South Korea and Spain will play at 4pm, and at 7pm, it will be Canada against Colombia.


At the end of the day, the current champion, North Korea, against Germany at 5pm, in Supicci. Clearly, a great match for the first week of the World Cup. Thursday will be a day of rest.

What will happen in the upcoming weeks? We’ll need to wait, enjoy and see what show these players can give us.

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