A Change For Good: Women’s Super League Team Finally Decides To Change Name Next Season

Women’s football is changing every day as the most important event for its game is coming this summer: The Women’s World Cup in France.

Many changes are occurring all around the world, from Europe to South America. Big and small changes; they all are important and very significant in the full integration of the women’s game. And talking about big and small changes there’s big news coming out of the UK.


Especially from WSL 2 side Tottenham Hotspur Ladies.

In fact, we should start referring to them by a “new name” going forward, as the club recently announced that the next season 2019/20 the club will be reborn as Tottenham Hotspur Women.

This is fantastic news for the women’s game in England, a place where the men’s game has been dominant for many years.

More and more English women’s football clubs are heading this direction and are going away from the “Ladies” moniker, which some feel is disrespectful, and embracing “Women” in the name.

These aren’t “Ladies.”


They’re highly professional football women players, who earned a spot in the football panorama, as men did a long time ago. They’re here to stay and so far they deserve it. So, it’s great to see this kind of changes, small or big, are able to make an impact on women’s football development.

In addition to the change of name, Tottenham Spurs Women also announced that they’re appointing the first-ever Head of Women’s Football position for the club.

“I am thrilled to have joined Spurs at a time where women’s football is really starting to flourish,” said Heather Cowan, the new Spurs Head of Women’s Football, after joining from Birmingham City Wome to the official Hotspurs website.

“The club has a wonderful opportunity to create an exciting future and a lasting legacy in the women’s game and I’m looking forward to playing a part in that.”


With Manchester United Women already securing the place to the Women’s Super League next season, Tottenham will be looking forward to winning the remaining games and stay on the second spot of the WSL 2, in order to go through to the major competition and make a revolution.

All the best for them, but, now the question is: Will Tottenham Hotspurs invest in its women team and help them transition to becoming a fully-professional football club as demanded by the Women’s Super League? Only time will tell.



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