A Day To Fight

Today is a day to always remember: International Women’s Day. A day to revindicate; a day to fight; a day to be equal; a day to show the world why women are the real center of the world and that they’re always been a motor in the development of current actuality.

Without women, it’s clear that without them, the world wouldn’t be the same. It clearly wouldn’t work as it does nowadays.


All across the world, this 8th of May, women, men and even children, all unite to fight for the equal rights women have deserved for many years. India, Italy, Spain…

Without a doubt, the demonstrations in Spain have been the most impactful, as they have concentrated 375,000 people in the capital, compared to 170,000 who filled the center of the capital last year.

In the morning of Friday, mass protests in the main cities to fight the inequality that still prevailing with men were being held until late afternoon throughout the country, to demand that gender violence needs to end once for all, as well as the wage gap or the glass ceiling in companies. 

Resultado de imagen de 8m protestas

For example, in Barcelona, there have been 200,000 demonstrators, according to national newspaper ‘Guardia Urbana’.

In the last 12 months, the country has seen how it changed its government, with a president, Pedro Sánchez, who appointed 11 ministers out of a total of 17, a world record.

A little less than two months for an electoral appointment in which there is a risk of an involution due to the irruption of the extreme right, the appointment acquires a special relevance.


The strike has not been joined by Vox or the PP leader Pablo Casado, who has justified his absence in which the mobilization is encouraged by the “extreme left”.

8m-barcelona-kdmF-U70839804658raB-624x385@Las Provincias

Anyways, it doesn’t matter. It’s not the day to do politics; it’s the day to show why women are strong and that they deserve a rightful place to leave, with equal rights, recognition, respect and power as men have. 

Because women are strong; women have always been here and they’re never going to leave. They’re here to stay and fight for what is right for them.

Happy International Women’s Day! Always strong! #IDW

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