Entertainment Or A Real Sport? Is It A Good Idea To Make Women’s Football Into A TV Show?

Men still prevailing over football, in a fight for equality where women are winning every day, working hard and making their part of the sport become more and more popular among people in the entire world.


Now, it seems they have a got a new ally in their way to becoming as known as their male counterparts: Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Figo…

The TV! But wait! Aren’t they already part of the success of making women’s football popular? Yes, but it seems they want to go a step further…

Television series with women’s football as a protagonist is one of the hottest topics of conversation in the shadows of NATPE 2019 (National Association of Television Programming Executives).


The world of television is a place that we think we know, but which, in reality, is much deeper and incomprehensible than it seems. One has the notion that trends and fashions overlap with the reality of the television production industry and that it is these trends and fashions that rule production companies to force them to make specific audiovisual products.

But, it seems not everything is like that.

There has already been heard several producers talk about women’s football as a television series in the event that is being held in Miami. But…

Is it a good idea?


It’s true that is just a little of background noise, a slowly extending curtain you could call it, that governs some conversations.

Women’s football is clearly one of those minority sports that has become the victim both of the forgetfulness of the audience and of the differences between men and women in the 21st century.

But, nevertheless, the feminine soccer could find a niche in the television; a window that has not found in the world of the sporting spectacle.


Several producers present at NATPE 2019 are talking about betting on women’s football to turn that theme into a television series.

It looks like from those several production companies, including one from Spain, are interested in producing television series with women’s soccer as the main theme, as Spanish website ‘Cinemascomics.com’ could confirm, thanks to the interview with Spanish actress Ana de Los Riscos, a protagonist of one of these future projects.

NATPE 2018 Miami Florida

“Let’s say, a kind of ‘Club de Cuervos’ (Netflix) but with soccer players and, perhaps, putting the focus on why this sport has fewer followers if a man plays it than a woman,” she said.


What is clear is that NATPE 2019 women’s football is being the subject of conversation among producers; that there is interest in this subject to transfer it to the small screen and that could happen really soon.

Still, I don’t see it with good eyes, as the TV is planning to transform the Women’s Football into a Soap Opera. They could instead make documentaries showing the difficulties and achievements real women players have done over the years, showing the world the respect and recognition these footballers deserve.

In the meantime, we will have to wait to learn more details, because you can be sure that all the information will come to light at any moment.


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