And The Best Women Player In China Is…

Football has been popular for many years in many countries of the world: UK, England, Brasil, Argentina, Italy…

Even in the USA; where they tend to call it “soccer”.

women-football-european-belgique-english_3791341-768x400Now, Women’s Football is growing faster; with its biggest climax and attention on the previous year 2018. The U-17 Women’s World Cup in Uruguay won by Spain, the celebration of the Women’s World Cup in France or the great start The Lionesses had were a great step to make women’s football more popular.

In Spain and England, it seems women’s football is gaining popularity, but…

In China, it seems Women’s Football has a very special spot. And all thanks to a special player: Tabith Chawinga.

a48e0501c4cbe4845bee9cb540ae837aThe Malawi international has finished her presentation season in China in style subsequent to winning the trophy for the best player of the Chinese Women’s Super League 2018 season. A great moment for Malawian, Chinese football, and for Tabith, who cannot believe she got such recognition.

“We were about to start training when the coach called us and said she had some good news. She said they had received communication that I have been named Player of the Year.

5be395e5a310eff369054bcf“To be honest, I never thought I would be named the best player because there are just so many good players here in China,” she told Malawian outlet ‘Malawi The Nation’.

This recognition tops the 22-year-old’s exceptional presentation season after she previously won the Golden Boot, after scoring 17 goals for Jiangsu Suning, following her stun move from Sweden’s team Kvarnsvedens at the beginning of the season.


The previous DD Sunshine striker has recently won her three progressive best scorers records since her turn out of Malawi in 2014, including the Swedish Forward of the Year, having completed best scorer with 25 goals in 2017, preceding her change from Sweden to China.

In her first season in China, she scored 6 goals in the FA Cup, 8 in the National Championship, plus the 17 in the Women Super League. A record of 31 goals in 2018. Well deserved!

Chawinga is a clear example of women’s football superation and how women’s football is expanding to other places of the globe, apart from Europe, where it still seems to be very popular.


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