Match Report: Japan Women’s U-17 Vs New Zealand Women’s U-17 (4-3 in penalties)

Yesterday, 24th October, the fans of the world of Women’s Football enjoyed an outstanding match: Japan vs New Zealand.


For the first time, there will be a first-time champion at the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup after New Zealand defeated 2014 winners Japan 4-3 on penalties after the match finished 1-1. 


The second quarter-final of the tournament was between Japan and New Zealand and it was the last one who scored the first goal of the game. Amelia Abbott only needed 17 minutes to put New Zealand on the lead, after a beautiful finish. One that clearly she trained with the coaches the day before.

It took time, but Japan tried its best to obtain the tie, which they did after Tsuki Yamamoto broke forward to score but Leat, New Zealand’s goalkeeper saved it.


Unfortunately for the ‘Kiwi Girls’, a bad turn of Hannah McKay right foot, trying to clean the ball of the area, but ended on the back of the net, and putting 1-1 the score (33′).

In the end, despite the best efforts of both teams, after the end of 45 minutes, as well as the 90′, the penalty shoot-out took place.


It was at that moment when Leat appeared as the saviour of New Zealand, as a goalkeeper, but also as a scorer. After players from both sides scored or failed their penalties, it was Leat who scored the final penalty to give the win to the team.


The same day, Spain won in penalties (3-1) to almighty North Korea, after an intense tied match, and getting the Spanish side into the semifinals of 2018 Uruguay’s FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup.

Now, Mexico-Ghana and Germany-Canada are on their way to the semifinals. It’s all sealed for New Zealand now: Spain is their next rival. Will they win?

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