1×1: A great comeback by Germany beats an undecided Italy (5-2)

Germany wins Italy after a great start and a magic comeback after a nice Italy tied the match but couldn’t do anything to stop the German machine. Here’s the 1×1 of the Women’s national team for Germany, who won by 5 goals to 2.


M. Frohms (7): The German goalkeeper did a decent match, saving some good opportunities from the Italian side, but have a complete nightmare after seeing Bonansea and Sabatino beat her to score, making the 2-2 on the score for Italy. Later, she redeemed herself, not allowing any goal and permitting the magical comeback by her teammates.

M. Rall (6): A good match by the left-back, who didn’t allow many moments of danger for the Italians. Apart from that, she didn’t get a lot of attention, as the midfielders and strikers of the German machine got all the flashlights.

S. Doorsoun-Khajeh (6): Regular match by the defender, who did good actions but had bad sensations after the Italians drawing the score 2-2.

J. Elsig (6): Elsig had an alright match, having some problems to stop Bonansea and Sabatino, who finally scored the 2-2 for the Italians. Fortunately, the Germans won by a good score: 5-2.

F. Rauch (6): Not a lot of attention during the match, were the strikers of the Die Mannschaft got it all.

L. Magull (9): A key player on the victory of the Die Mannschaft, scoring the first goal for the Germans, after an assist from the captain, and finally being the one assisting the goal for Gwinn to start the German’s comeback. A solid piece on the midfield.

S. Dabritz (7): Good passes and control of the ball, assisting the second goal of the Germans to captain Poop, putting the Germans ahead by 2-0.

G. Gwinn (8): An excellent performance on the field, and a great timing to step up and score the goal that would start the comeback of the Germans to victory.

L. Lattwein (6): Good match for Lattwein, who was a key connection between the striker and the wings of the team.

S. Huth (7): Normal match for Huth, who had a nice impact, but she wasn’t lucky enough to score. Still, the German player did beautiful passes that allowed the team to destroy the Italian defence in their way to a comeback.

A. Poop (9): The Germans started quickly and only 6 minutes Alexandra Popp needed to supply a beautiful assist to her companion Lina Magull, making the 1-0 against the Italians. Then, 12 minutes later, the captain put the Die Mannschaft in the lead with a good goal, making it 2-0.


Lena Petermann (9): One of the two substitutes of the Die Mannschaft, who had a big impact on the comeback of the team, scoring the 4th goal of the team and assisting the 5th and final goal of the match to her companion Leonie Maier, who ended up completely with the comeback illusions of the Italians.

Leonie Maier (8): Maier entered on the 71st minute of the match, and after a while waiting, she was the deadly killer for the Italians, scoring the 5th goal for the Germans, finishing a beautiful comeback and winning a good match.

Turid Knaak (6): She didn’t have an impact on the match as she only replaced A. Poop on the 87th minute.

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