Uruguay about to make a female’s football revolution?

It’s almost here. Only 6 days left for the big event to occur. An event that could provoke a revolution on Uruguayan football: The U-17 Women’s World Cup. 

The U-17 Women’s World Cup will begin on November 13 and will take place in the beautiful country of Uruguay. The Uruguayan radio program is known as “De taquito a la mañana” received Rafael Fernández, the Local Organizing Committee president of the U17 World Cup of women’s soccer, and Cecilia Mancuso, Radio Universal’s sports journalist.


“Only now do people know that we are in a World Cup, it implies the same things like the World Cup in Russia, to meet the demands of FIFA. There will be around 100 people from FIFA and about 300 competitors, “said Fernandez.

Women’s football in Uruguay is amateur. There are some that have gone abroad and have triumphed, or that thanks to football have entered foreign universities. But we want it to grow here, that there are more women referees, “he commented on the topic.

The World Cup will be played in Montevideo, Colonia and Maldonado. It has been highlighted how the Charrúa Stadium was. “The changes are amazing, we never imagined this magnitude. What are the locker rooms, the field. It worked a lot, “said Mancuso on the improvement and effort Uruguay has put on the competition.


Uruguay will debut on Tuesday 13 at 7:00 pm against Ghana at the Charrúa stadium. Later, they’ll play their second match on the 16th, also at 7pm, against New Zealand at the Charrúa; and will close the group stage against Finland on the 20th at 5:00 pm, at the Domingo Burgueño Miguel stadium.

Now, we’ll need to see of the effort they put on the tournament is enough to make an impact on Uruguayan football between men and women, or if they will still be a gap to cover one day. Only the future knows.


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