Real Madrid Women’s team finally a reality?

Looking over and over the news, it’s hard to find any serious sports outlet talking and reporting about the female side of sports, especially with football. But it seems that feeling is starting to change, male and female being equal and with Spain being one of the promoting countries of women’s football.


Recently, on the 5th November, in the Spanish Senate, and speaking of gender equality, was heard the phrase of a former football player and Real Madrid star, who completely made Florentino Pérez, president of Los Blancos, concentrate on a new task. José Miguel González Martín del Campo, or also known by the nickname ‘Michel’, pronounced it: “Sooner or later a female Real Madrid will be inevitable”.

And it’s already a fact: Real Madrid, along with Celta, Valladolid and Getafe, are the only Santander LaLiga clubs without a female counterpart.


In the days devoted to providing ideas for the new Sports Law, the moderator María Escario wondered if the total impulse for sport among women would not come with a white team. And he asked, in turn, why Michel does not yet exist in Madrid.

“I’m not even in the skin or in the head of anyone, but I suspect that Madrid can only have sections to achieve success. This is what happens with basketball, although it loses a lot of money, it gives many. Making sure that I was going to win from the first moment would be difficult, that’s why I see almost impossible to create a female team right now, “he commented.

“I cannot imagine a Madrid watching Barcelona win easily, I do not see him as a comparison …”, he said about the current moment in which the rivals have been years ahead. But he looked to the future, entered the debate and warned where the times are going: “Sooner or later, it will be inevitable.” So…

That this means Real Madrid will have a new women’s team?


Not really. But it’s for sure that when the creation of this female team occurs, it could be a great revulsive for female sports in all areas, with El Clásico being a wonderful attraction for many spectators, giving and providing more attention and benefits to increase the female world of football.

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