I’m back! After some convulse months, whether it was university work or the pandemic, I finally have time again to write about my favourite sport news: Women’s football! (I really missed this).

Anyway, the story of today is related to the controversial win of England to Denmark (2-1), which sent the Three Lions to a highly-anticipated final on Sunday, July 11th, against Italy. England’s win in the semifinals surely sent the country into a flurry of excitement, but some people have had to correct fans who claimed it was the first time England has made it into the final of the competition.

Many fans thinks it’s been years since the team last made it into the final of a major football tournament, since their win in the 1966 World Cup (55 years); however, the truth is that England actually has made it to the last match of the Euros before this year.

Some social media users have called out newspapers/outlets for incorrect reporting and responded to other users proclaiming that it is a first for the men’s team, as the women’s team in England had already reached the final twice since 1966, both in 1984 and 2009.

In 2009, the England women’s team made it to the finals of the UEFA Women’s Euro under the leadership of Arsenal player Faye White, before they lost the competition to Germany (2-6). Their prior appearance at the finals in 1984 saw the team lose to Sweden on penalties.

Thinking about it, I’m glad some people acknowledge the hard work the England women’s team put to get to those finals, yet, it’s not surprising to find out that many fans didn’t know about this; how would they know if outlets and platforms like Facebook justify pointing out that the women’s England football team have been in a final since the men is hate speech? How would the England women’s team feel to know that the platform is deleting mentions of their success as hate speech?

This is a solid evidence of the patriarchy in full force and the many needs that need to be done to stop this in the women’s game if they’re planning one day on making football an equal game for everyone; whether men or women.

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