IMMINENT: A Consensus Between The Royal Spanish Football Federation and La Liga Iberdrola Clubs In The Table?

Women’s football comes to this Wednesday with a great doubt: Will there finally be a consensus between the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and all Liga Iberdrola clubs?

With Covid-19 raging hard in society, a great discomfort on the part of the players and the teams themselves regarding the protocol and the calendar, seeking solutions is now more urgent than ever in the highest female division in Spain.

Thus, after a huge complaint from the players in various ways (meetings of the captains with the RFEF, protests in the field…), the clubs and the federative entity will sit down again today, days after their first meeting in order to seek, this time, a consensus.

Resultado de imagen de presidente rfef
It should be remembered that the RFEF already warned that if there was no agreement, the Spanish football entity would make a final decision without further ado.

In this new summit, the objective is decide unanimously which points of the protocol and timetable should be improved.

With the difficulty of finding a common ground at the current stage, all those who participate agree on a more than absolute priority: The health of the players and their coaching staff. This will be the great point to keep in whatever measure is taken.

In the previous meeting, all the requests that the players had made were discussed and the clubs asked for several days to come up with a final decision based on these proposals. Hours after that meeting, the Association of Women’s Fooball Clubs (ACFF) released a statement with several points decided by their clubs, among which is not Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, or Athletic Bilbao.

Resultado de imagen de la liga iberdrola rfef
Some of the measures exposed by the ACFF were the realization of serological studies among female players to determine the degree of immunity, the mandatory nature of FFP2 masks, or the prohibition of use of changing rooms during training sessions, as well as establishing strict compliance limits when using it before, during and after matches.

For its part, the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE) requested a few days ago an urgent meeting with the RFEF to discuss the requests they had collected from a meeting with the players.

Among the proposals is the obligatory nature of a single room in hotels for each player, the priority of traveling by plane or AVE (in case it has to be by bus, do it leaving two seats between each person) and the prohibition of use of changing rooms in training sessions and matches.

Still, we can only wait and see what decision both, the RFEF and the AFE, come with for now; but, let’s just hope they reach a common one.

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