The USA, Winners Of 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup


A game we all knew they were going to win, there weren’t many surprises, but, probably, everyone was thinking there was some hope for the newcomers, The Netherlands, as the match was tied 0-0 at the end of the first half.

A first half completely dominated by the Americans, who had an impressive run this World Cup (except that match against Spain. That was close, wasn’t it?) and who was showing why they’re called the number ‘1’ in the world. The Netherlands had a few chances, but most of their time was spent defending in the area. Thank god they had Van Veenendaal protecting the Dutch goal, if not… I don’t know what the score could have been in the end.

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That’s right! Morgan, Heath, and Rapinoe were like sharp daggers in the front line, causing too many struggles for the Dutch defense. The USA team had good chances but were unable to capitalize in the first half. In the 17th minute, a long ball went to captain Megan Rapinoe, who outrun her defender to cross it into the area; Lavelle caught it midair and shot, but, the Dutch keeper parried it out for a corner. On the 28th minute, Lavelle, once again, tried to score from 15 yards, however, Van Veenendaal appeared with a superb save and sent the ball high into the air.

Ertz had a great chance, a little bit sloppy, on the 33rd minute, after a corner, which she shot desperately and went directly to the keeper, who stopped the ball, parrying it away. Meanwhile, Morgan had some diving practice lessons from Neymar himself, as she fell a couple times in the “Oranje” area without any single touch or scratch on her.

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Before the end of the half, on the 38th minute, two big saves from Van Veenendaal prevented the USA from leading early on; two saves that completely left everyone speechless. Two low shots, one from Morgan and one from Mewis, both saved by the Dutch keeper with some luck I must say. Not taking any merit away though. I most likely couldn’t do that.

The situation continued the same on the second half, but, it all changed when VAR appeared to concede a penalty (Another one!?) for the USA. On the 58th minute, Alex Morgan fell in the box again after a high Dutch leg touched her while trying to clear the ball. After a quick check, VAR gave the penalty, which, of course, Rapinoe struck into the back of the net. As always! GOOOAAALLL! 1-0!

The Dutch tried to recover from the hit, but, the end was near… (America: I’m inevitable! The Netherlands: …) Lavelle, just a few minutes after, took the ball to her left foot and fired a left-footed blast into the right corner of the goal. GOOOAAALLL! 2-0!

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Golden Boot Alex Morgan (She won it!? Erm… Ok!) and Tobin Heath could have increased the happiness for USA’s after-party with a 3rd and 4th goal, but Golden Glove Van Veenendaal (She won it!? HELL YEAH!) avoided major ridicule for The Netherlands. But, anyway…



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