First Women’s World Cup for Spain!

It looked like it has never going to happen. But it finally did…

Spanish women’s football was missing a World Cup, and that’s why the girls of the U-17 team trained by Toña accomplished the dream this Saturday against Mexico in the final in Montevideo (2-1).

5930dd2fbabb9ee8d2ebfd1ca040fcceSpain only has two other World Cups, both in the men’s category: the one achieved by the sub-20 in Nigeria in 1999 and the one that arrived in 2010 in South Africa.

But finally we can say it: Spain is champion of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup! La Rojita won the 2018 Uruguay final to Mexico 2-1 in Montevideo and made history: They became the first team to win a FIFA women’s competition for Spain.

The first 25 minutes of Spain were really good: they controlled the ball at will, handled it with judgement and scored two very nice goals, both courtesy of Claudia Pina, Spain’s MVP during the whole tournament.

Claudia Pina’s first goal in the final perfectly exemplified Spain’s style of play. After a sensational series of passes, María Méndez sent a precise long ball to Salma Paralluelo, who attended Pina head on. And the front did the rest: he dribbled calmly to his marker and his cross ended up at the bottom of the rival goal.

Later on, Mexico lacked game, but he had plenty of desire. And in a stopped ball, Denise Castro shortened the distances, making the 2-1 on the score. Mexico still had chances to come back.

1543706077064The 2-1 remained until the break, with the Spaniards missing some clear chances to lead with even more goals in the first half.

But La Rojita continued to dictate the rhythm of the game, but with less depth. Mexico, on the other hand, attacked with all they had. No chance.

0002189311In that context, they barely bothered each other until the end, when the Mexicans prowled the tie with a couple of stopped balls, but without luck, unleashing the endless celebration of the Spaniards.

Well done Spain U-17! For more years of good football to come!


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