The Women’s Game…Go Arsenal!


Arsenal Women’s Team is on fire and they’re clear favourites to win the league this season, after 10 consecutive games without stop scoring and winning. They’re the perfect example of achievement and how women’s football can be as entertaining as men’s one.

If not… Say that same thing to an outstanding player: Daniëlle van de Donk,the midfielder for the gunners and who’s clearly tearing up the competition.

And it’s because we could say, she’s pretty much like Messi or Ronaldo…

She has become extremely popular on Twitter these days, after the official Arsenal Women’s account put some videos of her, performing the most fascinating skills. Something that clearly left all audiences speechless.

A good way of promoting the world of women’s football, which is growing faster as we
talk. One day, women will be represented as equal to men, and women’s football can become that first step to break the barrier.

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